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A weekly podcast that answers accounting questions small business owners have. 

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To take control of your finances and have peace of mind.

Whether in business or life, money doesn't need to be stressful. Identify opportunities with technology to maximize your ventures and create financial freedom.  

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Every week, our owner shares practical insight and educational tips to empower small businesses and reduce financial stress.


Ep #88 - Managing the Risk of Innovation!

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In this episode Marcus Mire, CPA weighs the pros and cons of staying on the front lines of...

Ep #87 - Automate Your Office and Take A Vacation!

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In this episode Marcus Mire, CPA talks about how you can offload little tasks that keep you...

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Ep #86 - The Impact Coaching can Have in Your Business

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In this episode Marcus Mire, CPA invites business growth coach Jeff Martin to discuss how...

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“Helping small businesses succeed using technology to gain efficiency is what we’re passionate about. At MireGroup CPAs we walk our clients through a process of building a solid financial foundation to reaping the benefits of a well-run organization.”
Marcus Mire
CPA & Founder
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