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Ep. #2 – Creating a Frictionless Payment Process

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In this episode Marcus Mire discusses what payment options are available for business owners to use, why it’s worth it, and how it’s easier than you think to get started. 

Show Notes and Key Take Aways

– Getting paid online has gotten a lot easier.

– Processing invoices and initiating payment and collecting can now all happen on mobile devices and be directly tied to your accounting software. 

– Accepting credit cards creates an easy option for your customers to pay and is seen as convienient customer service. 

– Accepting credit cards may come with fees but the increase in payments might outwieght the cost. 

– ACH is a great solution for avoiding credit card fees and Routable is a great tool to make that easy to pay your bills. 

– Accepting payments with Venmo, Cashapp, etc. don’t tie the transaction to an invoice like a complete accounting solution would. 

– Invoicing with cloud accounting keeps track of all your invoices and is smart enough to send auto reminders, and provide feedback on when they’ve been seen. 

– Consider the payment process you require your customers to go through as a part of their customer experience and make it easy and convienient. 




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