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Ep. #1 – Saving Time and Money with Cloud Accounting

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Marcus Mire and Tyler Woerner kickstart the first episode of the Make it Count Podcast discussing the role cloud accounting plays in saving time and money in any business.

Show Highlights and Key Take Aways

– Quickbooks may be the brandname everyone knows but it isn’t always the best choice. Marcus recommends Xero Cloud Accounting Software. 

– Having your business accounting information in the cloud makes it accesible while still being secure. 

– Cloud based accounting makes it accesible from any device and it a huge convienience. 

– Cloud based software like Xero has created a marketplace for apps that offer great solutions for a lot of business cases. 

– Cloud based sofware offers unique rules that offer owners protection from in-house theft. 

– You could almost perform the duties of a CFO entirely from a smart phone using Xero. It’s not recommended but it illustrates the conveinience. 

– Cloud accounting has lowered the IT barrier of entry. 

– Cloud accounting offers a flexible workflow allowing businesses to quickly collaborate with professionals when they need to. 



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